Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ten Months!

I can't believe it but Natalie is ten months old today! She is growing up into this little person and continues to amaze and entertain me on a daily basis. She is crawling and cruising the furniture but no steps on her own yet. I am guessing that is just around the corner...She is adding to her "tricks" all the time. She can give kisses, do "So Big", clap, wave bye-bye and she dances the instant she hears any sort of music. Due to her lack of teeth (she still only has her two bottom ones!) she has not eaten much of anything too adventurous. But so far her favorite foods are bananas and macaroni and cheese. No words yet but she seems to understand a lot. Especially the word NO which she is not fond of :) She does babble ba-ba and da-da but not consistent enough for me to be convinced she knows what she is saying. Time is sure flying by but we're loving every minute!

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