Monday, September 29, 2008

And the Shoe Collection Begins...

Dear Gramma,
Thanks for my spiffy new kicks! I'll be walking like a pro in no time thanks to these!
Love, Natalie


Laura said...

Oh, we just went to a kid shoe store for the first time too! Can you believe how EXPENSIVE those things are? Wow...Anna shoes cost more than mine. Phew, good thing Grandma Leanne was there is help absorb some of the cost.

Steph & Jack said...

I know, it's crazy that little baby shoes cost that much. Luckily both grandmas have chipped in and Jack and I are off the hook for now...My mom got her dress up shoes and Leanne got her some baby sneakers. They are so cute I guess it's worth the price...she's better dressed than I am!!