Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Man

I didn't think it would be as fun to dress a little boy but some of the clothes we have for him make him look like such a little man. I love it! Look at his hiking necessary for a 1 month old don't you think?

My Living Doll

My New Bouncy

Dominic loves his new giraffe bouncy seat. So much so that he has been sleeping in it at night! Eventually we will get the little guy in his crib but these days we'll do whatever works. Last night he slept for over 4 hours and that was a rare treat!

Older...But Maybe Not Wiser...

2011 - Natalie mistakes her goggles for 3D glasses. She insists on wearing them all day. Here she is watching her evening cartoons with them on. I was lucky to get them off of her before bed!
2008 - Natalie shows her Team USA spirit while watching Michael Phelps in the Summer Olympics!

Stir Crazy

We have had quite a few days of being snowed in this past month. Natalie has to find an outlet for all that energy and on this particular day she thought a good dose of dress-up was in order. Check out her fairy princess shoes and Elmo trucker hat. She's clearly ready for the runway. Letting her dress herself is pure entertainment!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cutie Pie

Just thought I'd share some cute pictures of Dominic with his eyes open. He still sleeps the majority of the day but every once in a while he's ready to party :)

First Bath

Dominic was not very excited about his first bath. Poor little guy hates to be cold! But he sure did look cute afterwards all snuggled up in his blue bear towel!