Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sitting Up!

Dominic has finally mastered sitting up and he's quite proud of himself! He has also started rocking quite a bit on his hands and knees. He will be crawling in no time!


Now that Dominic's feet can touch he has a blast bouncing around like crazy in his jumperoo!

I Love an Audience

Natalie and all of her "kids". She set them up to be her audience for one of her many hysterical dance shows.

Firsat Day of School

It has been a big adjustment going back to work after having six months off at home with the kids. Fortunately the transition has been made a little easier because they are doing so great at their new school. Natalie loves her classroom and of course Dominic is a big hit with his teachers. Here is a picture of them on their first day!

Keeping it Clean

Natalie hard at work with the Swiffer again!