Monday, February 1, 2010


When Natalie and I were at the store this weekend I told her she could pick out a present for being such a good girl. She picked out a new set of watercolor paints and some colored pencils. The girl loves her art time! Takes after her Aunt Stacey!

Go Na-Nee Go

We had an impromptu dance party this weekend during dinner. Natalie got up and started spinning in circles saying "Go Nanee Go Nanee Go!" It was hysterical. Maybe they do that in her new room at school. I'll have to ask!

Sea Lion

We took Natalie to the Indianapolis zoo and by far her favorite part was the sea lions. They kept coming right up to the glass and she would press her nose against it and say "Mommy he's giving me kisses!" I think he was secretly interested in her neon green sippy cup but I didn't let her know that...

Bad Baby

When Natalie's baby gets in trouble (which according to her is often) she puts her in the corner facing the wall and says "Not Nice Baby!" Looks like she's taking this time out thing really seriously!

My Favorite Food

Pizza of course!