Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Runs in the Family...

Dominic's first experience with sweet potatoes

Closely resembles Natalie's first encounter as well!

Tummy Time

Let me show you how it's done little brother!

Thanks sissy. Think I got this tummy time thing all figured out!


Awwww :)

First Food

I've never been in this seat before. This looks fun!

What's this all about? Where is my bottle?

Hmmm...not so sure if I like this...

Actually it's pretty good! More please!

Summer Has Started!

It isn't warm enough to swim in the lake yet but Natalie still had a blast playing in the sand and "watering her rocks"!

Beauty Shop

Now just hold still little fella...this won't hurt a bit...

Seriously mom can you make her stop?

You may think this is funny but I'm certainly not amused...