Saturday, November 3, 2012

Story TIme

Natalie's First Day of Pre-K

Natalie started pre-K this August.  She was so excited to pick out a "big kid" backpack (it is as big as her!).  The silver sparkly one was a second choice.  Originally she wanted Justin Bieber but thankfully I was able to talk her out of that one!

Sleeping Bear Dunes

We took the kids to Sleeping Bear Dunes while we were up north this summer.  Natalie FLEW up the dunes but Dominic was not so sure about the sand.  So Jack and I had to take turns carrying him.  That was a workout in itself.  Needless to say we all slept good that night!

Natalie's First Dance Recital

Natalie had her first ballet recital this summer.  She was a little unsure at first but after the dress rehearsal she was a total ham.  I think the sparkly costume had a lot to do with it!


We went to Disney World in May and had the best time!  It was even more special because both sets of grandparents were able to join us.  Natalie was in princess heaven and was on a mission to get as many autographs as possible.  Dominic wasn't so sure about the characters (especially Goofy!) but he had fun on all of the rides.  His favorite was It's a Small World!

Jack's Graduation

In May graduated from IU Kelley School of Business with his MBA.  It was a long road and a lot of hours but we finally made it.  We are so proud of you Jack!

First Pedicure

Natalie had her first pedicure back in the spring.  Since she loves all things girly she had a blast.  The cutest part was her feet barely touched the water but she didn't seem to mind!