Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yippee!! I'm so excited it's my birthday! Mommy & I are spending the morning together!

Yum...that was a delicious breakfast...
Sesame Street cupcakes that I took to school for all of my friends

Rocking my baby doll and giving her some milk...just because it's my birthday doesn't mean I get to skip out on my responsibilities!

Pizza and of my favorite combos
My mom is no Martha Stewart but I still loved my sprinkle cake she made me!

Actually I liked it so much that I opted to eat the whole thing straight out of the pan with a spatula...

It's my party and I'll destroy the cake if I want to! I love a good mess!

1 comment:

Gramma Nancy said...

Looks like you REALLY enjoyed your Birthday! Can you say "sugar high"? Love you! oxox Ge-Ma