Thursday, January 3, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

Natalie has been sick all week but Jack and I are amazed at how good she has been through all of her coughing spells, spitting up, etc. I think I have been on the verge of tears more than she has! Here are some pics of her from this morning looking happy as ever. By the looks of things you'd never know she was sick. Get well soon Natalie!


Laura said...

oh my gosh, I can't even imagine a sick baby...let alone a NEW sick baby. Seems like you a managing, amazing!

Anonymous said...

Well done Natalie (and mom & dad too!) Hope you are feeling better tonight so you can party all weekend! You are a real trooper!

Maggie said...

I hope Natalie is feeling better! It's always harder on us to watch it than them to go through it! She gets more beautiful every day!